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Telemedicine After COVID-19: Continuing the Momentum & Understanding its Impact with Dr. Mary Mulcare, CMO at Summus Global

Dr. Mary Mulcare, Chief Medical Officer at Summus Global, joins Host Jeff Cross in a lively discussion around "care delay," covid regulations on telemedicine that are expiring and how to continue the momentum around leveraging telehealth services. A timely episode as many are heading into Open Enrollment season and are looking to continue to support their employees from a virtual standpoint.

Vaccine Mandates, Surcharges & Incentives: Best Practices for Employers

Should we be mandating the vaccine? Can I make non-vaccinated employees pay for weekly COVID-19 testing? What about health-related exemptions? Reilly Billian, HR Strategy Consultant, joins Host Jeff Cross to tackle these questions and more in this quick-hit episode that explores what decisions employers are facing and the HR implications behind them.

Leveraging Coaching, Feedback & Continuous Learning to Create an Intentional 'Culture' with Maureen Gallo, Executive VP at Beekley Corporation

If you're looking for inspiration around how to create an intentional culture - one that goes beyond the "fluffy stuff" (like a pool table) and greatly impacts recruiting and retention - you've found the right episode! Maureen Gallo, Executive VP at Beekley Corporation, joins Jeff to share her secrets when it comes to hiring (known as Selecting Winners), achieving consistent low turnover, putting an emphasis on 'Caring to Communicate' (the name for their feedback initiative), implementing continuous learning and so much more. This episode is packed with golden nuggets to take back to your organization - sit back & enjoy.

A Conversation with State Senator Kevin Kelly on Healthcare in CT

Connecticut State Senator Kevin Kelly joined the podcast to discuss the future of healthcare and what impact that may have on employers in 2021 and beyond. Jeff plays devils advocate to have a candid, open discussion with the Senator on various topics including the recently-vetoed public option (SB-842), prescription drug costs, and what we can learn from Massachusetts to build a better program in CT.

Getting the Most Out of Your EAP's to Build a Mentally Healthy Workplace with Meghan Stokes, VP Clinical Services at BHS

Although May is Mental Health Awareness Month, it doesn't mean we stop talking about mental health the other 11 months out of the year. Meghan Stokes, VP of Clinical Services at BHS, joins the podcast this week to discuss how employers can (and should) build a mentally healthy workplace to better support their employees. We dive into where the best place is to start for supporting mental health in the workplace, how to determine what your employees are most concerned about, and best practices around building and promoting successful EAP's. We know we won't solve this problem overnight, but there are things employers can be doing right now to make the workplace a safer environment for their people.

Answering Your COBRA Subsidy & Tax Credit Questions with Bob Radecki, Senior Reg. & Public Policy Analyst

With the IRS releasing additional guidance surrounding the COBRA subsidy in the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), Jeff Cross sits down with Bob Radecki, Senior Regulatory & Public Policy Analyst at Benefit Comply, during this timely podcast episode to answer your most pressing questions. What are the employer responsibilities with this COBRA subsidy? If someone is on COBRA and they paid their April premium, does the employer have to cut them a check? Who is eligible for this subsidy? How does the tax credit work?

Returning to People, Maintaining Culture & Leaders vs. Bosses with Jon Pace, Chief People Officer at CompassMSP (IT Direct)

You're in for a treat with this episode! Jon Pace, Chief People Officer at Compass MSP (formally IT Direct), joins Jeff for an engaging discussion on a myriad of topics including their plan for returning to the workplace (or "returning to people"), how they've maintained their tight-knit culture during a recent acquisition, what workplace happiness truly means for their workforce and much more. Jon was our first guest on the podcast back in 2019, and we are excited to welcome him back.

Q&A Round-Up: American Rescue Plan Act, Vaccinations & Returning to the Workplace

You asked. We answered. Jeff Cross is joined by Nicole Cahill, HR Business Partner at OneDigital, and Peter Murphy, Partner at Shipman & Goodwin, LLP to tackle employers' most frequently asked questions surrounding the American Rescue Plan Act, Vaccinations and Returning to the Workplace.

How Workplace Culture Influences Productivity & Performance with Becca Jacobs, HR Manager at Instrumart

Low turnover. 5-star reviews. A close-knit team. This Friends with Employee Benefits podcast episode features Becca Jacobs, HR Manager at Instrumart and how workplace culture has played a big role in their company's success - both externally and internally. Becca talks about what culture means to her, how their team has stayed engaged while working remotely and the importance of being an employee-centric organization. Becca also shares her thoughts on their 100% no-employee-cost health plan, how other employers could adopt something similar and how integral the word "human" is in human resources.

Answering Your Connecticut Paid Leave Questions

Rich Lombard and Jeff Wasco from Guardian join the podcast to help tackle the questions we've been hearing from employers across the state: how does Connecticut Paid Leave interact with other benefits, who tracks paid leave and what is the process for a private plan option. They also discuss what their experience has been so far with employers across Connecticut. Tune into this 34-minutes episode to get the answer to these trending questions and better understand what employers should be focusing on next as it relates to paid leave.

Virtual Open Enrollment: Takeaways & Best Practices with Katelyn Ayala, Benefits & HRIS Specialist at Paradigm Precision

In this quick-hit podcast episode, we take a step back to reflect on what we've learned from Open Enrollment in 2020 and what we'd like to continue implementing in the future, even when we are able to resume in-person activities. Katelyn Ayala, Benefits and HRIS Specialist at Paradigm Precision, joins Jeff to discuss how their organization had to pivot from a completely hands-on, in-person open enrollment to a virtual experience. This episode covers how that transition happened, what the feedback was from employees and what Katelyn has learned in the process that Paradigm will continue to implement going forward.

The New Focus on Human Experience

As work changes, so does the dynamic between employee and employer. Rachael Perillo, Talent Business Partner, joins Jeff to discuss the evolution of the employee-employer relationship, focusing on the shift from employee engagement to the human experience. In this jam-packed episode, the two discuss what the Human Experience entails and the role HR plays in this transition. They also dive into the effect of social unrest, zoom fatigue and childcare on employees, and how HR can better support their workforce through it all. If you're in HR, don't miss this episode.

Your Vaccine Questions Answered

While the COVID-19 vaccine provides employers and employees with the hope of returning to a pre-pandemic world, it doesn’t come without its fair share of questions. Can I require employees to get the vaccine? What if they don’t get it? Can we incentivize and pay employees? These are just a few of the many questions employers are facing. Jeff Cross speaks with a panel of experts from around New England to breakdown the considerations and decisions around safe and effective vaccine programs, policies and best practices.

What We've Learned from 2020 & What to Expect in 2021

Another year, another round-up. With only a few days left of 2020 (thank goodness!), Jeff and Ron banter back and forth about what we've learned from this year, what we'd like to leave behind and what employers should be looking out for in the new year.

A Conversation with U.S. Senator Chris Murphy on Healthcare

U.S. Senator Chris Murphy joined the podcast to discuss the future of healthcare given the election outcomes and what impact that may have on employers in 2021 and beyond. Jeff plays devils advocate to have a candid, open discussion with the Senator on various topics including the status of the ACA, a public option for healthcare, direct-to-consumer advertising and cost of care.

Navigate, Pivot or Stay the Course? Helping Employee's Thrive in Uncertain Times

Holidays were already a stressful time of the year for many, now add in a pandemic and post-election talk and we find ourselves more exhausted, stressed and burnt out than ever before. Sara Tarca, Wellbeing Strategy Consultant, joins the podcast to discuss what employers can be doing to help employees adapt and thrive in uncertainty.

Green Puppy, Hidden Chocolate & An Incredible Discovery: Some Good News You Might Have Missed

From a train saved by a whale tail to a see-through public restroom, join us as we cover the latest funny, heartwarming and just plain odd news stories that you most likely have missed as your newsfeeds, timelines and conversations have been flooded with election-talk. An episode unlike any others, take these next 30-minutes to escape the noise, laugh a little and learn something new.

A Discussion Around The Election, Prescription Drugs & Lowering Costs

Jeff Post, Chief Clinical Officer of OneDigital's Pharmacy Consulting Division (RxConnections), jumps on the podcast to talk about the impact the election may have on prescription drugs and pharmacy plans, discussing what employers can be doing to keep the skyrocketing costs down, and how we can help employees maximize their drug benefit. They cover rebates, direct to consumer marketing, "pharmacy vacations," how to assess your Pharmacy Benefit Manager's (PBM's) performance and much more.

Empowering & Engaging Employees with Jason Lauristen

Jason Lauritsen, employee engagement expert and keynote speaker, joins the podcast to discuss why employee engagement is crucial to a company's success and what it means in our current environment, what he finds is the biggest issue employers face with engagement, how to leverage feedback the right way to empower employees and much more. If you're in a management position - you must give this a listen.

Connecticut Paid Family Leave Update

We invited Rich Lombard and Jeffrey Wasco back to the podcast to discuss the latest updates with CT Paid Family & Medical Leave. Tune in to get your most pressing questions answered - including if there will be a private plan option, key differences between CT and MA paid leaves, and why employers should be acting now to get ahead of the curve.

Move to Value: Episodic Bundles (Part 2)

Back from our quick hiatus, we are continuing the conversation on Move to Value (see episode 24 for part 1). Francois de Brantes, SVP Episodes of Care at Signify Health, joins the podcast to dig into what Episodic Bundles are, how it relates to the Move to Value initiative and what employers can do to be a part of this movement.

Achieving Low Turnover, Creating Intentional Culture & Doing Business in CT

Lots of golden nuggets of information coming out of this episode with Ari Santiago, CEO at IT Direct. We chat about the secret behind their relatively low turnover rate, the power behind an intentional culture, thoughts on doing business in Connecticut and how HR may need to evolve down the line. Learn great tips and best practices from Ari, as he tells personal and business stories, shining a light on how he has crafted a successful business in CT. [This episode was originally recorded back in March 2020]

Move to Value: What Is It & Why Employers Should Care (Part 1)

What does Move to Value mean and why is it important for employers to understand? In Part 1 of this conversation, Jeff Hogan, over at Rogers Benefit Group, jumps on the podcast to discuss the shift that is happening in healthcare as we move from fee-based care towards value-based care.

CarrierChat: ConnectiCare's Focus on Mental Health, Customer Support and Market Trends

To hear the latest of what ConnectiCare is doing to support employers and members throughout Connecticut, tune into this episode. Eric Galvin, President of Connecticare, joins us to discuss their unique response to the pandemic, their focus on mental health and wellbeing with WellSpark, what they are doing with alternative networks, and how they are engaging members.

Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace

Simone Morris, CEO of Simone Morris Enterprises, LLC and Career/Inclusion Strategist, joins us on the podcast to discuss diversity and inclusion (D&I) in the workplace. We originally recorded this episode a few months back but had the opportunity to sit down again with Simone to address the recent events that have brought stark racial inequalities to the forefront of the conversation. The first half of this episode we cover questions such as - what types of conversations need to be had in the workplace? who should be facilitating these necessary but uncomfortable conversations? what can organizations do to best support their black and brown employees? And stick around for the second half of the episode to better understand why a D&I policy is so essential and what strategies HR can leverage to be more effective when it comes to inclusion.

CarrierChat: Aetna's Focus on Member Experience & Controlling Pharmacy Costs

Duncan Stuart, President of the New England Market at Aetna, joins us to discuss Aetna's response to the COVID-19 pandemic, how they are leveraging their relationship with CVS, what they are doing to control pharmacy costs, and how they are utilizing their Aetna One® Advocate (AIA) to enhance how they support members.

Some Good News (Part 2)

As a follow-up to last week's episode, Jeff connects with 4 different businesses across Connecticut making a huge impact on our community - Family Centers, Community Renewal Team, StayWell Health Centers and Foodshare. Hear from their leadership teams to find out how they've pivoted and adapted their programs to meet the new needs of their stakeholders, what silver linings have come out of this pandemic from their efforts, and how they are keeping volunteers engaged virtually.

Some Good News (Part 1)

Ready for some good news? We are too. In part 1 of this podcast episode, we talked to 3 Connecticut-based non-profits that are making a huge impact on our community - Wheeler Clinic, Healing Meals Community Project & CT Junior Republic. Hear from their leadership teams to find out how they've pivoted and adapted their programs to meet the new needs of their stakeholders, what silver linings have come out of this pandemic from their efforts, and how they are keeping volunteers engaged virtually.

Reopen CT Advisory: Whitney Center's Re-Emergence Plan

We (virtually) sat down with Michael Rambarose, President & CEO of Whitney Center, to discuss how his operations have changed since COVID-19, what his re-emergence plan is once given the green light from Governor Lamont, and what he is taking into consideration during this planning phase.

CarrierChat: Harvard Pilgrim's Take On COVID-19, Bundled Payments & Member Experience

We sat down with Paul Bartosic, Director of Sales at Harvard Pilgrim, to discuss how they've been responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, what their clients are doing with their wellness funds, how they are utilizing bundled payments and what their service team is doing to help improve the member experience.

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